Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raw Milk

Last week I visited a dairy farm in Decatur, Texas where I made my first purchase of raw milk. This raw milk that I bought came from Jersey cows that are grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free.Since I live in Texas raw milk is not sold in retail stores but on dairy farms that have passed testing and inspection standards before it's sold as certified raw milk. I was totally amazed of how rich and creamy it tasted. Nothing like the conventional milk sold in stores. Jersey, Devon, and Guernsey cows have a high level of butterfat which makes raw milk tastes even creamier. So if you are like me look for raw milk that comes from these babies.

I believe raw milk can heal you from illnesses and strengthen your health. My husband grew up on Jersey grass fed cows and could not stand the taste of raw milk. When he was young he became sick with strep throat and later on developed rheumatic fever. He became bed-ridden, weak, could not walk, and the sight of food made him sick. He had a schoolmate who came down with the same illness and she died. My husband's mother knew that if he did not eat he would die too. So she fed him only raw milk a few sips at a time. He said it was very hard to swallow at times but it was his only hope. After 6 weeks he gained strength and showed signs of improvements. Raw milk is full of living enzymes, vitamins, protein, calcium, minerals and fat globules. It is like the perfect food. Healthy cows are grass fed, farmed on land through Organic methods, and in a safe toxic free environment. Milk that have been processed loses all healthful benefits. Pasteurization destroy the nutrients and proteins and enzymes are denatured. Through homogenization milk fat globules are destroyed by forcing milk through tubes under pressure. This reduce their size and the membranes are lost causing the fat to absorb proteins and creating oxidation.

If raw milk sounds good to you give it a try. For more information you can visit and . Dairy farmers need our support to encourage them to feel good about what they believe in to deliver good and wholesome food to us. Take care of yourself and have a healthy day!

Sherlyn Edmonson


  1. It good to see raw milk becoming more readily available!

  2. Seeing organic foods becoming more and more desirable is very refreshing to me. It's great knowing that there are more people in the world who want to feed only truly good and natural things to their bodies. Raw milk is such a great source of nutrients like you said in this article! It is very beneficial for those who need that extra strength for sure. A lot of processed milk these days just don't stack up in comparison anymore. I only wish that raw milk (and only the good purely organic kind of course) was made more readily available. So many supermarkets only sell the cheapest brands, which usually have the least amount of nutrients that are needed. Hearing that more locals are visiting their farmers produce stands and purchasing their products such as raw milk is a great thing! Not only are you supporting your local farmers but your also spreading the word about their produce and the good they do to provide healthy foods. If that is not the byproduct of the environmentalist movement, then I am not sure what is! Going Green has been the best thing I have done for myself in recent years, and I am pretty sure I am better off since.